Your thoughts and our experience are the result that shapes the future.

All you need is trust, and we will give you the opportunity to turn your thoughts into reality. Like you, our team is motivated and strong in both character and experience. Office printing supplies and services are just a small portion of what we provide. We build your future.

Our identity

We are a wholesaler and retailer with more than a few decades of experience. Over the years we have amassed a team of professionals who offer our customers top quality solutions, services and products.


We specialise in offering a whole suite of office printing tools, consumables, paper, and other supplies.


We advise and implement cutting-edge, modern solutions, managed printing services, printer rental and document management solutions. We provide warranty and post-warranty servicing of office equipment.


We provide a large selection of high-quality printers for a wide range of applications as well as a selection of office paper formats. A constantly growing range of both original and analogue printer cartridges. We work hard to be on the cutting edge of the rapidly evolving print and advertising production business in order to suit your demands.


Representative of printer manufacturers: Triumph- Adler ir Pantum.


Representative of paper manufacturers: The Navigator Company, Double A, Sylvamo, Asia Pulp & Paper, UPM plants, International paper and Australian paper.


Novakopa UAB is one of Lithuania's biggest and most successful businesses, generating value for its clients. We have more than 20 years of experience working with companies such as Sanitex, Tele2, Kesko Senukai, Acme Baltija, Vilnius University, ISM, KTU, Agrokoncernas and many other public and private institutions.


Customer success serves as our company's primary objective and the inspiration behind all we do.

Become a partner

Novakopa UAB is continually growing its network of associates and collaborators.

As a partner of Novakopa UAB, you will receive exclusive discounts and promotions that will benefit both your business and your clients. For medium-sized and big businesses that are purchasing goods or services from suppliers, this might be very advantageous.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with  our team and together we will work out a common way to enhance your performance.